We aim to be a total service provider for mobile device platforms, by taking full advantage of our wealth of experience and knowledge as a pioneer.

At CA Mobile, specializing in mobile marketing, we have engaged in the creation of user-oriented mobile contents. We recognize that the mobile phones are the most effective communication “media,” and have provided services that meet the promotional needs of enterprises and businesses.

Based on our wealth of experience and knowledge as a pioneer in mobile business, we will expand our services to the broader fields of entertainment, commerce, finance, communication and education, and we aim to be an “information mediator” that connects users with all manners of services.

At CA Mobile, our goal and management philosophy is the enrichment of human life and society by transforming new market needs into services and providing them to companies and users.

Mobile Media Business

We achieve advanced effective marketing by planning and developing mobile media focused on entertainment and interactivity.

At CA Mobile, by constantly focusing on the market trends, we provide media, contents and services that are fun and convenient for users rapidly in a one-stop environment.

By conceiving ideas that are always focused on users, and by developing services that make the most of the interactive properties of mobile phones, we achieve a highly effective marketing promotion.

More than 4 million members have registered for the mobile services provided by CA Mobile. Motivated by the support from this broad spectrum of users, we will continue to develop unique and unifying services, and further expand the value of the mobile media.

Mobile Media Representative

We offer mobile marketing plans which best meet the needs of our clients and which reliably reach the target audience.

At CA Mobile, we can handle all forms of media for all carriers, regardless of whether they are official sites or open sites. Naturally, during the planning stage, we carefully select the best media which will accurately meet the needs of our clients and which has the greatest reach, thereby enabling us to make proposals to our clients swiftly.

From mobile media consulting, to planning, buying, posting advertisements and reporting, we can offer our clients effective marketing plans in an efficient manner.

Mobile Content

We provide content that is popular with users, based on a consistent development framework and on cooperation with content holders and telecommunications carriers.

We plan, produce and provide to mobile users content designed for the official menus of the carriers, NTT DoCoMo, au, SoftBank. We are particularly proud of the strong performance and popularity of our “music content,” such as high-quality new music and popular songs including movies and advanced applications.

In addition to the production of original content, we are also engaged in a large amount of collaboratively planned content, and we are regarded highly by content holders and carriers. In the future, we will further enhance these partnerships, and we will strengthen our presence as a creator of moving images and other content designed for next-generation mobile phones.


Company Name: C.A. Mobile, LTD.
Representative: Hiroyuki Ishii
Date of Establishment : May 31st, 2000
Common Stock : JPY1,891,000,000(As of December,2011)
Number of Employees : 275 (As of December,2015)
Head Office : Glass City 4F 16-28 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0036
TEL: 81-3-6415-3400
FAX: 81-3-6415-3401

Group Company:
E-Line, LTD.
zeronana, LTD.
Tiphereth inc.
SION Media Office inc.

Business Lines
Mobile Media / Mobile Media Representative
Mobile Portal / Mobile Contents
Mobile Commerce / Mobile Solution

Affiliated Organization
Japan Internet Advertising Association (JIAA)
Mobile Contents Forum (MCF)

Main Clients
KDDI Corp.
Cyber Agent INC.
Cyber Communications INC.
Opt INC.
Cepteni CO, LTD.
Cybird CO, LTD.
Tsutaya Online Corp.
Dentsu INC.
Nicco-Ad INC.
Tokyu Agency INC.